Mylearningspace was launched by the East Midlands Cancer Network in September 2009 and during 2011 developed a series of courses for the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) These courses were launched in April 2012 as Understanding Cancer and additional courses continue to be developed

Following the NHS re-organisation the cancer networks including EMCN ceased to exist from April 2013 and ownership of the site was transferred to the National Cancer Intelligence Network.

The mylearningspace was originally developed to provide a hub for Cancer and End of Life care Education but concentrates on the Understanding Cancer e-learning modules

mylearningspace incorporates a virtual learning environment which makes it very different from a standard website and has been created using the open source learning management system "Moodle"

Only Public Health England employees can open accounts for the site or employees of the cancer registries within Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Any queries regarding this contact the site administrator

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